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Conditioned by the geography, this island has known how to get the best out of all the ingredients produced here, from starters to dessert, from vegetables to fish, from meat to wine. This island’s cuisine has been cooked over a slow fire. This is why its dishes have the power to submerge us in the flavour of things which are well prepared.

Ensaimadas filled with sweetmeat, cream … and sobrasada – the best from the black-haired pig – are the products which are the most well-known outside of the islands. Here you have the typical “cellers” – ideal places to immerse yourself in this world where the islands’ cooking ovens take pride of place. If you just fancy a snack, there are vegetable bakes, cocarrois, pasties and above all juicy slices of pa amb oli (bread with olive oil), topped with cheese, ham or some local cold meat, accompanied by Majorcan style olives and a fine local wine, such as those from Binissalem - with designation of origin -, Felanitx, Petra, Sant Joan, Muro, etc. Yet if you really want to sample the full delights of this land, you can do no better than let yourself be guided by the seasons, with vegetables as the main ingredients. There is trempo, a type of salad with tomato, green peppers and onion, or tumbet with aubergines, peppers and tomato.

And in winter, there is nothing better than sopes mallorquines, based on vegetables and black bread. Frit mallorquí, one of the most popular dishes, is made with offal and pig’s blood, potatoes and onion as its main ingredients. A more elaborate dish is llom de porc amb col – loin pork with cabbage. As for fish, cassola de peix – fish casserole – together with anfós a la mallorquina – grouper with vegetables - are dishes to delight lovers of seafood, as are baked red mullet, lobster stew, etc. No good dessert should be without gató amb ametlla, though there is also junket and apricot bakes. Other types include duquesses, crespells, robiols, potato bakes, etc. Mouth watering stuff! Majorcan cuisine is exotic due to its antiquity, its exquisite nature and the imagination with which the elements are treated. In it we find a clear predominance of pork and vegetables, and a constant regard for sweetness applied to meats and fish, very typical of Mediterranean cooking.

We also find a sauce which has become international and whose invention may be traceable to these islands, i.e. mayonnaise. In Majorca, the most popular dishes are soups. They come in all varieties: fish or meat broths or stews; together with those which should be considered as originally Majorcan, being thicker or dryer and with vegetables, cabbage and slices of bread soaked in the cooking juices, as well as paprika, tomato, garlic, etc. The favourite vegetable dish is tumbet, which is a type of pie made from a layer of potatoes, and another of previously sautéed aubergines and covered with peppers and tomato sauce. Aubergines, which are very common in Majorcan cooking, are also prepared stuffed with meat or fish and baked in the oven.

Noteworthy egg-based recipes include Sóller style eggs, which are fried over sobrasada and covered with a complicated vegetable and milk sauce. And then there is the glorious chicken stuffed with pomegranate sauce, turkey breast with almond sauce, young pigeons with chestnuts – exquisite examples of the Majorcan penchant for adding a sweet touch to “serious” dishes. The unrivalled queen of Majorcan desserts is ensaimada, a delicate and difficult to prepare pastry cake which, like the many and varied pasties, is made using pork lard. With the exception of some fish dishes, very traditional on the coast, Majorcan cuisine has in general a clearly farmhouse makeup.

As in all Mediterranean kitchens, the essential basic Majorcan ingredients are olive oil, vinaigrettes, nuts and dried fruit and olives. As far as fish is concerned, we should highlight the tasty lobster and cuttlefish dishes, “fish soup”, as well as the espinagada, typical of Sa Pobla, a curious type of pie filled with eel and spinach. Mention should also be given to the pies and pasties prepared throughout Majorca, especially those filled with fish, which are made in Sant Joan. One of the dishes that best represents Majorcan cuisine are the soups, made from a mixture of pork and vegetables, with the broth from this being soaked up by thin slices of farmhouse bread.

Also worthy of mention is tumbet, another dish made of vegetables, the basis for so many Mediterranean soups and stews. Brut rice and thrushes with cabbage, typical of Orient, are also very sought-after dishes. Two highly popular dishes on the island, though they are not exclusive to Majorcan cooking, are the cocas; a pizza-like bake of dough covered with vegetables. Finally the sausages and cold meats, as something a little out of the ordinary; highly recommended are the sobrasada, botifarró, camaiot and other meat products. The wine from Binissalem, Santa Maria and also Felanitx are a must for accompanying cold meats and sausage and typical dishes. Herb liqueurs are distilled in Llubí and Binissalem and the famous palo, a powerful, bitter-tasting liqueur. The island’s most emblematic product is without any doubt ensaimada, a pastry cake whose main ingredient is pork lard.

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Hotel Bella Playa & Spa in Cala Ratjada (Majorca), has a privileged location, a few meters from the wonderful Cala Agulla beach , with more than 700 meters of white sand and crystalline waters. A unique setting for a perfect holiday.

Appartments Parque Nereida in Cala Ratjada (Majorca), are synonymous of relaxation and tranquility. Situated just only 50 meters from Cala Lliteras, on the Mediterranean Sea, is an ideal place to relax, enjoy and get away from the hard daily routine.

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Bella Playa Hotel & Spa in Cala Ratjada (Majorca) is located right next to the protected natural park of Cala Agulla - Mesquida , a perfect place for sports like hiking, nordic walking, riding and mountain biking. Just only 3 km away from Bella Playa  you will delight the posibility to visit the famous medieval Castle of Capdepera.

Parque Nereida Apartments in Cala Ratjada (Majorca) are located 10 minutes from the picturesque fishing port of Cala Ratjada. Take a short 15 minutes walking and you will give  the chance to discover the beautiful gardens of Casa March and enjoy the breathtaking views from the Faro de Capdepera.

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