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In accordance with Article 10 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July Services Information Society and electronic commerce, the identifying data:
• Name: hotels and apartments SA (Hotel Bella Playa)
Contact: Street Cala Agulla, 125, Cala Ratjada - Mallorca Illes Balears-07590 - SPAIN
CIF: A-07010119
E-mail address:
Phone: 971564050
Data entry in the Commercial Register: Register, Palma de Mallorca, Volume 65, Folio 235, Sheet 1598 registered.
• Name: NEREIDA Inc. (NEREIDA Park Apartments)
Contact: LLITERAS CREEK AVENUE, 4, Cala Ratjada
Mallorca, Balearic Islands, 07590 - SPAIN
CIF: A07035611
E-mail address:
Phone: 971565412
Data entry in the Commercial Register: Register, Palma de Mallorca, Volume 137, Folio 120, Sheet 2857 registered.
Terms of Use
This document is to establish and regulate the use of the Web, ie all the Web pages and the content of Hotels and Apartments SA and SA NEREIDA, which is accessed through the www domain. and
Through this site, Hotels and Apartments Inc. and NEREIDA SA (hereinafter the Organization) aims to provide information to customers and potential customers, to manage room reservations, news, and any other service at the time as adequate for the proper exercise of its corporate .
Use of this Web site and services there available to the user brings the complete and unconditional acceptance of each and every one of the terms and conditions in this legal notice (the "Policy Privacy"), so that the user should the importance of reading at each visit on the Internet.
Accept the terms and conditions of this privacy policy you agree to use this site and the services available in the same manner and on the way down, agree, are forced to be, not for Illegal and / or contrary to those set out therein, the for the rights and / or interests of others can cause damage to or in any way damage or fail to work or services offered or in the future.
Scope of the Web
Access to this website is the sole responsibility of the user. The risks from the use of the Web by the user is the sole and exclusive responsibility.
The organization is not liable for damages that may result from errors, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone faults or interruptions in the operation of this electronic system due to the fault of the organization of delays or blockages caused use of the system caused by deficiencies or overloading of its Data Processing Centre, telephone lines, Internet system or other electronic systems are caused, nor for any damage caused to others by illegitimate intromission beyond the control of the organization.
The envisaged to be true by the user of the society should be. The user guarantees the authenticity of all data when filling out the forms provided.
The user is solely responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information is given and that could cause the Company or third parties for damages for the information provided.
The user agrees not defamatory, insults, racist, that assumes that it is obscene, religious content, offensive, or those in opposition to existing legislation, in particular comments that violate violates the fundamental rights and freedoms, public or that the right to honor them. Also publish content related to the policy to no sexual content or contain "spam".
She also sees the organization from liability for any loss or damage which may suffer as a result provided from errors, defects or omissions in the information of the organization from external sources.
Updates and changes to the information
The information contained on this website is information at the time of last update accurately. The organization reserves the right to modify, update or delete information on this site and may limit or deny access.
The organization reserves the right to make changes and modifications deemed desirable, may exercise this right at any time without prior notice.
The organization is committed to an error in the contents to avoid on this site. The organization accepts no responsibility or liability for any consequences due to errors in the content provided on this website by others to use.
The organization accepts no responsibility for the content, activities, products and services through electronic links (links), if any, and, if available, can be accessed directly or indirectly through this site.
Navigation, access and security
The organization strives to ensure that browsers takes place under the best conditions and prevents damage of any kind that may arise during it.
The organization is not responsible for any damages of any kind to the users through the use of other browsers or different versions of the browser experience for the web designed.
Privacy Policy
This security policy, the organization informs the user of the site, the privacy and the protection of personal data so that they are free to decide whether they want to make personal information available can be requested at the services offered.
In this regard, you may voluntarily provide personal information, either activated by the data collection forms on the web or via e-mail addresses.
In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December protection of personal data, we inform you that sending personal information through the forms on the website or by e-mail and given the acceptance implies consent to their treatment under the conditions described in this Privacy Statement. He also reports that the organization responsible for the treatment and that the data in the booking form will be made available to the bank as required to be transmitted through the payment system.
The personal data collected will be included in a file, the competent authorities HOTELS AND APARTMENTS SA and NEREIDA SA, duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency and is intended to administration and management, reservations, services and / or activities, billing and Chambers of Commerce.
The company guarantees the confidentiality of the data provided. You agree to the conditions imposed by the Regulation Development by Royal Decree 1720/2007, the 21 December in connection with the Law 15/99 of 13 December on the protection of personal data comply.
The exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition can be carried out in accordance with the rules given on request proof of identity and the address in the heading of this Privacy Policy.
It is reported that fields marked with an asterisk for the purpose set required if not completed will not be sent.
§ Newsletter
The data owner authorizes the organization to commercial mailings in connection with the products it sells and develops send messages by e-mail in connection with the activities and services to send.
Each package contains can log the user.
Career Section
The organization reports that will be incorporated in accordance with Law 15/99, the protection of personal data, the data in a file with personal information properly in the files of the Spanish Agency for protection of the registered data and its purpose is to manage HR and resumes.
The data owner authorizes the transfer of personal data on your resume to one of the group companies are included for the recruitment process.
The exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition can be carried out in accordance with the rules given on request proof of identity and the address in the heading of this Privacy Policy.
Fotos und Kommentare Abschnitt
Die Verantwortung für ein Bild oder ein Video gepostet ausschließlich auf die Person, die es geschickt fallen.
Die Kommentare und Bilder werden vor Veröffentlichung moderiert werden, so dass sofort oder Instant veröffentlicht Organisation behält sich das Recht zur Veröffentlichung.
Die Ausübung der Rechte auf Auskunft, Berichtigung, Löschung und Widerspruch kann in Übereinstimmung mit den geltenden Vorschriften durchgeführt werden, auf Anfrage Nachweis ihrer Identität und an der Adresse in der Überschrift dieser Datenschutzerklärung angegeben.
Haftungsausschluss und Einreichungen
Diese Website bietet Zugang zu Informationen Dienstleistungen und Aktivitäten, die das Unternehmen hält die Nutzer von Interesse sein, um ihre Dienstleistungen zu verbessern.
Die Organisation muss sicherstellen korrigieren Fehler, die erkannt werden. Jedoch können einige Dateien oder Inhalte erstellt wurden nicht fehlerfrei, so gibt es keine Garantie, dass der Dienst nicht unterbrochen oder anderweitig betroffen sind von solchen Problemen.
Diese Website kann Links enthalten manchmal auf externe Websites, über die das Unternehmen keinen Einfluss hat und für welche jede Verantwortung ablehnt.
In einem etwaigen Rechtsstreit oder Anbringen auf der Website der Gesellschaft, gilt das spanische Recht, zuständig für alle Streitfälle im Zusammenhang mit der Benutzung dieser Website entstehen, lösen die Gerichte von Manacor - Illes Inseln - Spanien.

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Majorca Cala Ratjada

Hotel Bella Playa & Spa in Cala Ratjada (Majorca), has a privileged location, a few meters from the wonderful Cala Agulla beach , with more than 700 meters of white sand and crystalline waters. A unique setting for a perfect holiday.

Appartments Parque Nereida in Cala Ratjada (Majorca), are synonymous of relaxation and tranquility. Situated just only 50 meters from Cala Lliteras, on the Mediterranean Sea, is an ideal place to relax, enjoy and get away from the hard daily routine.

Cala Ratjada

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Tour Virtual Bella Playa

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